PPUH ARTMAN exists from 1993. It is a company with full profile of production including food processing industry and preparation of vegetable for consuming.

Our firm accustoms system of safety and quality of food HACCP and is directed on quality of product and satisfaction of clients.

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Our company

We would like to present to you our products based on traditional old polish recipes:

  • Żurek (traditional polish soup, fermented rye flour): Traditional, Silesian.
  • Borsch: three different types: Rural, White, Red (beetroot soup)
  • Sauerkraut, Sauerkraut with carrot and different seasoning, red cabbage
  • Sauer cucumber (natural lactic acid fermentation, two types)
  • In summer time also fresh green cucumber 

Our products are characterized by perfect quality and taste. Elaborated sauer process allows for long date of usefulness and storage in temperature from 1-15°C. Selection of semi-finished products and care of their picture on the market characterizes our products with perfect taste and what is very important for clients, form of packaging to aesthetic and handy buckets or permanent bags packed automatically. As a company which has existed on the market from several years we cooperate with biggest businesses networks in Poland. We also supply small stores and range of wholesales. We assure regularity and reliability of supply. We encourage to cooperate and we ask for contact to agree advantageous price conditions for both sides. Our purpose is to win yours client’s trust by satisfying price and high quality of products. With kindest regard and hope for cooperation.

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Basic products
  • Cucumbers
  • Ogórki kwaszone wiejskie
  • Żurki
  • Produkty wytworzone z naturalnego zakwasu mącznego.
  • Kapusty
  • Tradycyjnie kiszona kapusta wiejska.